Terms And Conditions

Section 1: The "Syndicate"

This Syndicate is for entertainment purposes Remember this is a Syndicate, this is not a certain way to make money, we may win and we may lose, be prepared for both.

Section 2 : Payment

All Payments Must Be Received 24 Hours Before The Start Time of The Syndicate Stated In the Syndicate Information, All currency's are in NZD, However due to the nature of the casino they may be times this balance is shown in other currency , in which case all cash out and withdrawal amounts will still be based of NZD

Section 3 : Bonus hunt or game play

All game play will be controlled by the syndicate runner, at times they my ask for suggestions, polls e.t.c from syndicate members, or all viewers, but are under no obligation to act on any requests or results.

Section 4 : Cancelations or removal of a member

The syndicate has the right to cancel the stream at any time, all money will be returned to members, if a syndicate is canceled part way through a stream, any remaining money will be

a: Returned to the members

b: reused to complete syndicate at a later date

the streamer also has the right to remove anyone from the syndicate at any time (before the start of the stream), and will provide a full refund. any serious misconduct (e.g breaking of twitch or Facebook TOS during stream) could result in an instant ban and forfeit of any remaining funds in the syndicate

Section 5 : Payouts

All Payouts will be subject to Casino Payout and time lines. Syndicate runners will try to process cashouts and payouts as fast as possible but there may be delays due to casino payouts and terms and conditions, banking holidays, administration time e.t.c

Section 6 : Disputes

All disputes must be taken up with the syndicate runner directly how ever due to the nature of the syndicates, Degeneration will side on the decision of the streamer, assuming the decision is a logical decision and made in good faith