Syndicate FAQ

Question: Will I Make A Money In The Syndicate

Answer: Not Every Syndicate Will Be A Winning One, This Is Gambling There Is A Chance We Will Not Cash out

Question: I Put Money Into The Syndicate, Can I Choose The Game And Bet Size During The Stream

Answer: No, Please don't demand that I play certain things or raise the stakes, I can make those decisions myself, however ,they may be times where you may be invited to a bonus hut before the stream where members may be asked for suggestions

Question: Will I be able to pay into the syndicate after as I do not currently have the money

Answer: No, All payments must be received 24 hours before the stream starts.

Question: How long will it take after a cash out until I receive my money ?

Answer: Payment could take up to 7 days or more this is a multi stage process, and their could be delays in withdrawing large amounts from the casino, please be patient we will process payments as fast as we can

Question: Is Degeneration Nation handling the money?

Answer: No, Degeneration Nation will pass your information to the streamer who will contact you with their individual payment methods, and will handle the pay outs