Gambling Support

Degeneration Nation knows the effect of problem gambling in our communities, That's why we offer a platform for people to watch the real ups and downs of gambling.

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem or you're worried that one might be developing, there are some tools available for you to help identify any issues and support you through it.

The Community

There are lots of people in our community that have been through Gambling Addictions, feel free to ask for help in any of the channels, we also have a private channel set up in our discord for people needing help and those who can help than we can add you to if you would like

The Streamers and Moderators

If you don't fell comfortable reaching out to the community, you can message one of the streamers or moderators directly, they might not be in the position to directly support you, but they can give you some advice and details on where to get further support.

The Gambling Helpline

You can talk to their telephone counsellors for free any time on 0800 654 655, night or day, or you can text us on 8006.

Gambling Helpline also offers four specialist services; Maori Gambling Helpline, Pasifika Gambling Helpline,

Debt Gambling Helpline, and Youth Gambling Helpline.

Choice Not Chance

Choice Not Chance has support and information for people who have a gambling problem, or think they may have one, and for people concerned about someone else’s gambling. It also has facts and figures about gambling in New Zealand.


Gambling Blocking Software that is available through a subscription that can block all your devices from accessing online casinos and gambling services