Tim Naki

I am the kind of guy who loves to sit down to piss, i will stand behind you while you are peppering max bet into your favorite pokie machine, and when you get up to top up your beer, I will jump on doing $0.02 bets and snag the feature motherfucker, and boy will I let you know about it saying things like "Man unlucky , you were just on the machine weren't you" knowing full well I took the mother fucken jackpot from you.

I have a very punchable face, and I like my shandies 80% lemonade, 20% beer, or I start getting tipsy.

Want to use the TAB kiosk? Good Luck, I plan to stand there, looking into the sole of the machine just until your race jumps, then I will let you jump on the kiosk and make you pick a random horse on a random track, after the horse comes dead last you will sit back down with your race book, after a few minutes of careful planning you go back up to the kiosk, only to find me, TIM MOTHERFUCKER NAKI, standing there, repeating the whole process again.

I'm That guy, and I'm proud of it